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Consecutively named as Best European Destination, Porto, has given its name to Porto wine, where Gaia, offers the location for the historic cellars for Porto wine to rest, gain body and structure, promoting this way an unparalleled city lifestyle.

Porto emerges as one of the most ancient touristic destinations in Europe. The historical, artistic and cultural heritage, leisure areas and gastronomic tradition are some of the reasons to visit the city.


Quinta Marques Gomes has a privileged location. The simultaneous view of the river and sea, the proximity to several touristic and leisure attractions, to the marina and the riverside restaurants make it a luxury quality living area.

Sá Carneiro Airport

Sá Carneiro Airport, where the world’s major airlines operate to, is located 27 minutes away.

Cruise Terminal

17 minutes away, the Cruise Terminal is an important gateway to the largest ships and cruiseliners.

Miramar Golf Club

School of countless high quality athletes, Miramar Golf Club is a national reference and one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe.

Serralves Foundation

Serralves is the largest and most pleasant cultural space in Porto. Promotes contemporary art, architecture and landscape.

Casa da Música

Due to its architecture and the intense musical activity that it promotes, Casa da Música is a regular must visit regularly.


Vila Nova de Gaia offers 15km of atlantic coast, with beaches of natural wealth and a pedestrian route from Cabedelo to S. Félix da Marinha.

Historic Centre of Porto

Due to its numerous historical buildings and medieval origins of the city, the center of Porto is classified by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Port Wine Cellars

In Gaia you can find wine cellars with hundreds of years of history, where you can taste one of the most famous wines in the world.

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